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Covering the full compliance cycle
Gem Compliance Consulting's range of services covers the full compliance cycle from helping clients to identify whether activities are regulated through to developing compliance procedures, compliance training and monitoring and to helping clients respond to changes in the regulatory environment or their own business activities.

In certain circumstances, we can provide a suitably qualified and experienced individual to act as a firm's appointed Compliance Officer (CF 10)
on a short-term or locum basis.

For existing regulated firms, services often start with an initial compliance healthcheck on overall compliance arrangements including systems and controls to assess the effectiveness of the existing compliance regime. We can provide services on a retainer basis, making compliance costs easier to predict and manage. Otherwise we are happy to take on one-off projects on a time-cost basis.
The Compliance Cycle
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The compliance cycle often begins with perimeter guidance - identifying whether specific activities fall within the scope of regulation and require FCA authorisation.

For existing firms, new activities may require a variation in the firm's current FCA permitted activities.

The next stage is applying for FCA Authorisation or Variation of Permission. This process can be complex and time-consuming and it is important to get it right first time.

Part of the Application process may involve developing and documenting appropriate compliance procedures.

Post-authorisation, there is an ongoing requirement to implement the compliance regime, ensure staff receive adequate compliance training and to conduct regular compliance monitoring and reporting.

Where training needs and compliance gaps are identified, these need to addressed.

Policies and procedures need to be reviewed in response to any changes in the regulatory environment or in the business activities of regulated firms.

Gem Compliance Consulting can help you at every stage of the cycle.
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